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November Update: Major Software and Mobile App Updates

By Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot


I’m happy to announce that our next major version of Wild Apricot, Version 5.9, has been scheduled to launch in December. This update comes with a number of new features and a new website theme.


Click here to read more about Version 5.9.


Use Square to Accept Credit Cards on Your Wild Apricot App


I first mentioned our plans to integrate with Square, the mobile credit card processing solution, back in our July newsletter. Next month, we will be launching version 1.5 of Wild Apricot's mobile app, featuring full support for Square.


Click here to read more about using Square to accept payments.


This Month’s Blog Posts


Some of this month's topics include free nonprofit webinars, engaging ways to get more donations, considerations for choosing between building or buying membership management software, and more.


Click here to read this month’s blog highlights.


That’s everything for this month. Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving!

All the best,


The Wild Apricot Team


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