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September Update: We Take Your Feedback Seriously

By Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot


We try our best to understand and respond to every one of your messages. It’s your feedback that has made Wild Apricot the product that it is today.


I wanted to share one customer’s feedback and our response to her, because it highlights some of the internal struggles we’ve been having and why some product releases have taken longer than others.


Read her feedback and our response here



Learning from Our Mistakes


You may have experienced several service interruptions these last few months. I want to address what happened, because we have not done a good job of communicating why or when these interruptions happened.


Learn more about what we’re doing to fix these issues here




Known Bug with Firefox Users


If you use Firefox to access your Wild Apricot account, their latest update caused several issues with Wild Apricot. Until we fix things, we recommend using a different browser such as Google Chrome.


Read about the Firefox bug here



Looking for Tips to Grow, Engage, and Retain Your Membership?


If you’re looking for practical ways to grow your membership, our very own Shiv Narayanan, Membership Educator, has been making daily educational videos to help you out.

Find out where to watch these videos here



That's all for September. Happy Fall!


All the best,


The Wild Apricot Team

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