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July Update: Wild Apricot Turns 10

By Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot


This month we celebrated the ten year anniversary of Wild Apricot.


In the first few years I had many people express concerns whether we could make it in this market and build a long-term sustainable business. I have always believed that we would, even if it took a long time and a lot of effort (and it did!). We’ve come a long way, and we couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you all for ten fantastic years!


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Four New Email Templates Released


Looking to refresh the look of your email templates? If so, we released four new themed email templates for your use this month. They come ready with beautiful images, stylized text, and clean layouts.


Click here to view these beautiful email templates



A New Way to Accept Payments on your Phone


Would you like the ability to receive payments by swiping a member’s credit card on your phone? If so, you’ll be excited to learn about one of our latest projects in development.


Click here to read about this project



Why Most Content on Social Media Fails and How to Create a Winning Strategy


Not seeing the engagement you’d like on your social media? We just published the recording of a webinar on this very topic. 

Click here to watch the recording



Our Downtime This Month and What We’re Doing About It


If you were affected by our downtime on July 4th, we’d like to apologize and provide you with some more context on what happened and what we’re doing about it.


Click here to learn about what happened and what we're doing



An Update on Solution Splitting


“Solution Splitting” is a project we’ve been working on for over two years to make feature development even faster. We’re still in Stage 1, but nearly ready to move on to Stage 2.

Click here to read about our progress on Solution Splitting




That's all for July. Thanks again for ten fantastic years!


All the best,


The Wild Apricot Team

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