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June Update: Why is Next Month Special for Nonprofits?

By Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot


Based on a study we conducted of over 1 million events you’ve created in Wild Apricot, July is the hottest month for big events. We’re talking retreats, conventions, and conferences. 


If you’re running an event this summer and want to increase attendance, there’s one simple tactic you can do in your Wild Apricot admin that is sure to boost attendance at your big event.


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199 Free or Cheap Online Tools for Nonprofits


Here are 199 online tools, along with expert advice, to help you decide which are best fitted to your organization.


Click here to find a tool right for your organization



Wild Apricot Tool Tip: Increase Event Registrations


Do you have an event coming up and want to increase registrations? If so, we recommend trying a simple approach that has worked really well for many of our clients.


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Toronto meets Moscow


If you have members, offices, or chapters in different geographic locations, like us, you may be familiar with the challenges of communication. This month we went to some (extreme) measures to solve this.


Click here to read about how we solved this communication challenge



That's everything for this month. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends :)


All the best,


The Wild Apricot Team

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