This month’s Wild Apricot Update focuses on the last step in phase one of our mobile strategy: the release of the Wild Apricot Android app for administrators
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March 2015

Wild Apricot Update – March 2015: Android App Completes Phase 1 of Our Mobile Strategy

By Steve Andrews, Picky Apricot (Technical Communicator)

Last month, we looked at enhancements that can make your Wild Apricot websites more mobile friendly using new templates that offer responsive design. This month’s Wild Apricot Update focuses on the last step in phase one of our mobile strategy: the release of the Wild Apricot Android app for administrators either full admins or admins with both membership and event management access rights.

Like the Wild Apricot app for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) that we launched six months ago, the Android app allows Wild Apricot administrators to perform a number of admin functions on the go.

For details on the Android App features, an update on responsive themes (e.g., new theme sets on the way, our work in updating existing themes) read the full Wild Apricot Update post here.


Are you Celebrating National Volunteer Week this April?

National Volunteer Week will be celebrated in both Canada and the U.S. from April 12th to 18th this year.

We’ll be offering up posts with ideas to help you recognize and thank your volunteers – so stay tuned to the Wild Apricot Blog in early April.

We’re also offering a webinar to help you with onboarding volunteers – see below for details.

Free Expert Webinar 

Converting Volunteers From Joiners To Stayers

In this upcoming webinar, Tobi Johnson will help you understand what drives volunteer satisfaction and share a list of volunteer orientation “must haves” to promote a strong sense of leadership in your team.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • What motivates today’s skilled volunteers
  • Why onboarding is all about emotions and expectations
  • Why all volunteers shouldn’t be treated the same
  • How to improve key touch points for volunteers throughout the screening, matching, orientation, and training processes
  • How to promote volunteer leadership through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET) - with bonus Overtime Q&A session

Register Here (space is limited)

Live Wild Apricot Product Demo 

Getting Started: A Tour of Wild Apricot Software

This introductory tour of Wild Apricot software will provide new users a general overview of the system's main features so that you can hit the ground running and start building, managing and growing your membership organization. 

In this demo, you will learn how to: 
  • set up a trial account 
  • pick a website theme/template 
  • use the admin panel and back-end dashboard 
  • add and/or import contacts to your database 
  • create and modify membership levels, fees and renewal policies 
  • send out email blasts to groups
  • set up events 
  • customize your website template 
  • manage your finances 
and more! 

Date: Thursday April 9th, 2015
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Register Here 
(space is limited)

Membership Advisory Group (MAG)

Peer-to-Peer Discussion: Volunteer Week Debrief

Our Membership Advisory Group (MAG) is a monthly call-in discussion group to connect you with peers in similar situations, facing similar challenges. We typically hold them after an expert webinar to discuss what we learned and continue the conversation. 

This month, MAG is looking at the topic of volunteers, following Tobi Johnson's expert webinar on Converting Volunteers From Joiners to Stayers.   

Topics for discussion include:
  • How do you ensure your volunteers have a good experience?
  • What tools and strategies do you use for training? 
  • How do you identify the skills and motivation of volunteers?
  • What have you done to make sure volunteers come back?!
Date: April 23rd, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Register here
 (limited to 25 participants)

Image source: People & Social Networking – courtesy of

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On-Demand Product Webinars

Pre-Recorded Webinars:

You can watch the pre-recorded sessions (or read the full transcripts) of all of our webinars at your convenience. Here’s a list and links:


On-Demand Expert Webinars

Pre-Recorded Expert Webinars:


Thank you for your feedback!

"I am so excited, I can barely stand myself! I have looked high and low for almost 4 years for a system to support my business... and Wild Apricot is working seamlessly! They have thought of ALMOST everything! Thank you guys for creating such a one-stop-shop site! I'm almost finished migrating my site over and it has been an amazingly refreshing experience! Thank you, Wild Apricot!"
Tammy Fun-Nite Art

"Simple to get started with managing memberships.  Pays for itself quickly by making it easier for members to self-manage their status as well."

"I think the contact/member management side is brilliant."

"In terms of member management, it's probably the most powerful system I've tried and reasonably priced. I've tested a lot of WordPress-based membership systems for other projects and often say to myself, "I wish I could use WildApricot for this."

"What's not intuitive can generally be found in the online knowledgebases. If that fails, my interactions with your support staff have been pretty damn awesome."

"Cost-effective. Easy to use. Has greatly reduced the time it used to take us to administer the online membership directory and the fact users can set their own privacy settings is great."

"Great templates, Superior Support Group, easy to contact."

"It has many features and capabilities that can be accessed by those of us who are not website experts."


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