A sneak peek of our plans for 2015 and the next free expert webinar - Tools for More Effective Board Meetings
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December 2014

Wild Apricot Update - December 2014: Looking Back and Moving Forward

by Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot

2014 has been a very exciting, eventful and often challenging year – helping our 15,000 (and growing) Wild Apricot customers continue to do extraordinary things and accomplish their goals! We rolled out the biggest product upgrade in our company’s history, released our first mobile app, and launched our Small Membership Advisory Community.

So, as we wind down 2014, we look back at the progress we’ve made and the challenges we’ve encountered. We’ll also offer up a sneak peek of our plans for 2015 – from software to additional tools, knowledge, resources, and peer-sharing opportunities – to help you succeed in the coming year!

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Small Membership Advisory Community – Next Session

Events to Recruit and Engage Members

Events are a great way to bring in new members and keep current members engaged. They can also potentially bring in non-due revenue sources for your organization. In this Small Membership Advisory Community session, we'll look at some of the challenges of running an event and share tips, strategies and ideas for making them better! 

Key topics for discussions: 
  • How do you get people to come to your event? What are some strategies and tools you use? 
  • How do you staff your events? Do you recruit volunteers and board members? 
  • What is your follow up strategy after the event? How do you keep members and non-members engaged?
  • Where do you find sponsors and how do you set up attractive options for them to participate? 
When: Wednesday, January 14th, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

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Stay tuned to the Wild Apricot blog for a summary of the last Small Membership Advisory Community on “Social Media – How to use online channels to recruit, grow and engage members”
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New Live Expert Webinar Series!

Tools for More Effective Board Meetings

We hear from many volunteers and staff at small membership organizations that they are having difficulty “dealing with their board”. They need to “get things done” but board inefficiency is getting in the way.

That’s why the next session in our Expert Webinar series is all about helping you conduct efficient, effective board meetings.

Tools For More Effective Board Meetings

Date: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM (EDT)

Presented by: Rick Lent, author of Meeting for Results Tool Kit: Make Your Meetings Work.

Register now (space is limited)

In Case You Missed These...

Here is a sample of the resources available in our Blog and Membership Knowledge Hub:

Guide to Helping Your Members Embrace Technology

Are you having trouble trying to get your board or members to embrace technology? To help, we’ve created a guide that offers research, insights and tips on how to get members, volunteers and your board to embrace technological advancements as tools that will help them and your organization as a whole.

Getting Started Building Sponsor Partnerships

Since sponsorship funding can help non-profits meet their missions and offers terrific non-dues revenue for membership organizations, we asked Joe Waters (Selfish Giving) to write an article about sponsorship for our Hub. In this article, Joe helps us understand what sponsorship is; how to look within your organization for opportunity and prospects; how to identify, track and communicate with prospects; and how to close the deal with new sponsors.

3 Ideas For Dealing With Your Board

If you want some insight into "dealing with your board", here are three ideas shared by our Small Membership Advisory Community members.

New Year Planning Resource Round-up

Here is a list of resources to help you get your organization (e.g., member renewals, events, volunteer recruitment, website and much more) off to a good start in 2015.

Image source: Business-man-brainstorming - courtesy of BigStockPhoto.com

Product Webinars

Pre-Recorded Webinars:

You can watch the pre-recorded sessions (or read the full transcripts) of all of our webinars at your convenience. Here’s a list and links:


Thank you for your awesome feedback!

Every month we receive hundreds of surveys from our clients. We read each and every one - and reply to comments. Here's a small selection of customer comments from our surveys last month.

"It is a great tool for managing events and membership information online. By allowing members online access, they are able to connect with each other without having to call the office and have someone else search the membership directory. No need to print a directory - the online directory is always current."

"I love the online accessibility for our members to be able to correct their information, renew, and register for our conferences"

"My partners and I love Wild Apricot! I can't begin to tell you how much time it has saved us. I use it for two organizations. The member management and events management are flawless and we really appreciate the integration between the two. Your customer support is outstanding. I have noticed many changes in the latest release that make things easier."

"The integration of the website, events and member management saves a tremendous amount of time. It is easy for non-technical people to update the web pages, add events, add members and search for information in the contacts database"

"Self-service for our members is great. Really nice for our members to be able to see their own financials. Love the combination of event management and member administration. Price is awesome. Value-to-benefit is outstanding."

"The system allows you to deal with membership, web site, events and communications all in one integrated, reasonably priced package instead of on multiple platforms."

"It makes membership management terrific compared to the nightmares of doing it in Excel."

"Its easy to use if you need to get up and running quickly and don't care to mess with the look and feel a lot."

"Handles the membership or events much more easily than with Excel spreadsheets"

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