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August 2014

Software News August 2014 - Using Wild Apricot's API

by Dmitry Buterin (Chief Apricot)

Imagine being able to open an Excel file with a complicated dashboard about your members and with a click of a button having it updated with the actual live data from your records in Wild Apricot database – current as of this second.This is just one of the many processes you can set up with our Wild Apricot API.

With the release of our API Version 2 in July 2014, this month’s Software News is all about API – explaining what it is, the potential benefits for our customers, and its impact on the development of our first mobile app – scheduled to launch this September.

Read the full post here.


Small Membership Advisory Community Update

by Shiv Narayanan (Magnetic Apricot)

We’ve continued our regular conference calls with small groups from our Small Membership Advisory Community. These are one-hour sessions where small groups of community members share ideas, information and tips with their peers on a specific topic of interest.

This month we had two calls - each focusing on important efforts common to all organizations.
  • Wed. Aug 6 - What kinds of surveys do organizations use, how often do they use them and how do they incorporate the feedback into their efforts?
  • Thurs. Aug 21 - How do organizations go about getting one-time, ongoing and recurring sponsors for their initiatives?
Some conference calls have also included industry experts to offer their expertise to the group session.

In the coming weeks, watch for our 1-On-1 interview blog series with Greg Damron (ADT St. Louis). The interview was full of insight and will be published in 3 parts. In case you missed our last 1-On-1, check out the incredibly educational interview with Kim Elliott from last month.

Would you like to connect with similar people, in similar roles, facing similar obstacles – to share best practices, mistakes to avoid and key lessons learned? We’ve opened up registration for the Small Membership Advisory Community and you can sign up by filling out this form.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and feel free to visit our Advisory Community forum to get involved.

In Case You Missed These

Here is a sample of the resources available in our Blog and Membership Knowledge Hub:

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Is your organization having trouble building relationships with younger members? Are you wondering why all of the 20 and 30-something's aren’t joining, participating or donating? We’ve created a compendium of highlights and links to 10 resources that will help you better understand and engage the Millennial generation. Read this article in our Membership Knowledge Hub.

How Are You Welcoming New Members?
Does your association or club have a new member onboarding process in place? Here are some ideas on welcoming new members. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

15 Ideas for Non-dues Revenue Streams
Is your organization looking for non-dues revenue streams? We’ve outlined some highlights from our Small Membership Survey Report that might offer some ideas. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

Legal Insight For New Nonprofits
Here are details about a new 8-part webinar series: Legal Issues for New Nonprofits. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

Upcoming Product Webinars

Here are the free product webinars (with live Apricot Q & A) that we’re offering in the coming month:

Getting Started With Your Wild Apricot Account:

Managing Events in Wild Apricot


What your membership peers are saying

Every month we receive hundreds of surveys from our clients. We read each and every one – and reply to comments. Here’s a small selection of customer comments from our surveys last month.

"Using Wild Apricot has been the best single decision our Writers organization has ever made. Far more information is available to admins, and far more control for events and registrations. Wild Apricot more than paid for itself in the first few months we used it. Oh, wait, I didn't say that, now you'll raise the price."

"It's a very easy system and I think much better than using something like WordPress with multiple plug-ins and not sure about security issues or updating issues with those!"

"The easiest web system I have ever used. The ease of use is greatly enhanced by the highly visual, integrated help system and help videos."

"It is a full featured system that looks deceptively simple because it is really easy to figure out what to do, but it actually is very flexible."

"Wild Apricot been wonderful and a great time-saver! Prior to migrating our membership data to Wild Apricot, I manually emailed dues notices and confirmed receipt of payment. I also sent out delinquent payment reminders. Our organization maintained 3 separate databases (newsletter; Gmail; membership spreadsheet). Now we use only one!"

"Thank you for making it affordable and relatively idiot proof!!"

"The membership management functions are just amazing. You can tell that this software has been developed for a while, since it is so feature rich. Things we've been talking about wanting to be able to do for years are all available out of the box. It's great."

"The storage of files and documents is easy to use and plenty of space. The management of our contacts database is great. The calendar function improvements through version 5 is something I am excited about."

"Very easy to use. I've been using with no training, but have figured it out with online help.The membership renewal process is great – we just use the default settings so far and it works just fine. I also find that the event registration works very well and is tremendously versatile."

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