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July 2014

Software News July 2014 - 5.1 is Here and Mobile App Coming Soon

by Dmitry Buterin (Chief Apricot)

This month, we completed the gradual upgrade process – so now all of our clients are working on Wild Apricot Version 5. And as we publish this newsletter, we are also releasing Version 5.1!

Along with an update on the Version 5 release, Software News for July offers details on the exciting enhancements we’re launching in Version 5.1 today, which include:
  • Tracking of page template use.
  • New featured member gadget and enhancements to member directory and social profile gadgets.
  • Numerous event enhancements, including: checking in attendees, limiting registrations by registration type and setting up registration periods.
  • Saved searches now available to all billing plans.
  • API - Version 2 which will enable users to not only read the data from Wild Apricot, but also update it.
This post also offers a brief outline of our Wild Apricot iPhone app - coming soon.

You can read the Software News - July 2014 here.


Small Membership Advisory Community Update

We’ve continued our regular conference calls with small groups from our Small Membership Advisory Community. These are one-hour sessions where small groups of community members share ideas, information and tips with their peers on a specific topic of interest.

This month we had three calls - each focused on a different group/association type and each with a different topic:
  • Thurs. July 3 - How do clubs organize reccuring events (weekly/monthly) and build/maintain participation?
  • Wed. July 9 - What benefits and incentives do business/trade associations and chambers of commerce provide to their members?
  • Thurs. July 24 - What kinds of email communication and marketing messages do professional associations have in place/send out to their members?
In addition, we also launched our 1-On-1 interview series:  Advisory Series 1-On-1 With Kim Elliott. We plan to share the insight and ideas generated in the conference call and 1-On-1 sessions through blog posts and articles in our Membership Knowledge Hub.

If you are interested in joining the Small Membership Advisory Community, please fill out this form.
Stay tuned for more blog posts and feel free to visit our Advisory Community forum to get involved.

In Case You Missed These

Here is a sample of the resources available in our Blog and Membership Knowledge Hub:

Volunteers Please Come Back
Are you having trouble recruiting or retaining volunteers? Here's a look at survey findings (and a SlideShare presentation) that offer insight into what motivates repeat volunteers. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

Key Insights To Help Inspire and Engage Millennials
Our Small Membership Survey participants confirmed that membership organizations are struggling to recruit younger members. Here are highlights of the 2014 Millennial Impact Report and insights for non-profits and membership organizations for getting this generation’s attention. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

Ready for Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation?   
Canada's anti-spam legislation took effect July 1, 2014. This law applies to any organization that sends commercial electronic messages to recipients based in Canada. This blog post offers some information and a list of resources to help you better understand CASL and the possible impacts on your organization. Read this post from the Wild Apricot Blog.

Upcoming Product Webinars

Here are the free product webinars (with live Apricot Q & A) that we’re offering in the coming month:

Getting Started With Your Wild Apricot Account:

Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot


What your membership peers are saying

Here are some interesting insights shared by Small Membership Advisory Community members in our group calls this month – do these resonate with you?

"We have a full board, and each of us have certain tasks that we need to complete. And on top of that we do own our own businesses, so we're looking for efficient methods to get things done and take care of our members.

Why are members joining our organization? From their perspective it's connecting. Being able to connect with other individuals in their organizations. It's one of the biggest benefits, especially to our new members because they're trying to connect as with as many people as possible, to inform their team so they can better service their clients.

Most of our conversations with our members unfortunately is just a one-way conversation, I would love to see that change."

Interested in joining our conference calls? There is currently a wait list of people for future calls but you can submit a form here and you will be included on a call as soon as possible.

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