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March 2014

Software News - Version 5: The finish line is in sight!

by Dmitry Buterin (Chief Apricot)

I know many of you thought this day would never come – no, I’m not referring to spring, I’m talking about Version 5 of Wild Apricot.

We understand how frustrating the delays have been – believe me, they have also  been frustrating for everyone on our team! But your patience will be rewarded soon. At the beginning of May, Wild Apricot will start upgrading clients to Version 5.

This month's Software News looks at the gradual upgrade process to Version 5. This gradual process means upgrading accounts in batches to smooth transition and hopefully fit into your schedule. We will let you know when your upgrade will happen with the option to reschedule. Please read Software News for more details.

Version 5 Overview

We’ve also published a separate blog post - Version 5 Overview - that outlines what’s waiting for you in Version 5. It offers details on:
  • the thinking behind Version 5
  • more flexible page layout
  • one-stop page management
  • easier and more powerful page design
  • enhanced content editor
  • new website themes
  • event enhancements
  • archiving multiple contacts
  • steps towards responsive behavior
  • and more
Version 5 brings significant improvements to the way you set up and customize your Wild Apricot site. To read more, please visit Version 5 Overview.

Sign up for Version 5 Overview Webinar

Wild Apricot will host a Version 5 Overview webinar on April 30th. This webinar will offer a pre-recorded video that will explain what's new in Version 5 of Wild Apricot, and how the upgrade process will work followed by a live Q&A. To register, please visit our webinar page on our website.

Read Software News and keep an eye out for further updates.


Membership Knowledge Hub

Since it is officially spring - we thought you might want to check out this Hub resource:
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Upcoming Product Webinars

Here are the free Wild Apricot product webinars available in April, with live Apricot Q&A.

Version 5 Overview

Getting Started With Wild Apricot Account 

Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot 


Last chance to participate in our 2014 Small Membership Survey

Our 2nd annual Small Membership Survey is closing in a few weeks so if you haven’t participated yet - please take the survey soon!

Here’s a link to the live online survey:

2014 Small Membership Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7QPFRMD 

For more details, you can check out this blog post: What’s Different About Small Membership Organizations?

If you’ve already participated - thanks so much!   

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