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February 2014

Software News - Version 5 Update and Focus on Services Partners

By Lori Halley, Engaging Apricot

This month’s Software News offers an update on the Version 5 release as well as a spotlight on one of Wild Apricot’s third party services partners - Webbright Services. We offer excerpts from their "Association Success Secrets from Greg Laney” (President of Atlanta Area Compensation Association) interview.


2014 Small Membership Survey - Now open, please participate!

You may recall that last year we launched our inaugural Small Membership Survey. If you were among the 559 survey participants - thanks so much!

We’re now asking for your participation in the 2nd annual Small Membership Survey - launched this month.  If you haven’t participated yet - please take the survey here is the live link to the online survey:

2014 Small Membership Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7QPFRMD

This year’s survey looks at many of the same topics as last year (e.g., Does size matter? Renewal rates; Funding sources; Key challenges small organizations face) so we’ll be able to compare the findings and identify trends year over year.  In addition, we’ve added a few new survey questions on topics requested by last year’s participants, including:  
  • Methods of recruiting and retaining board members
  • Effective tactics for member engagement
  • Key sources of non-dues revenue
When you complete the survey, you can register to receive the final survey report.

If you’ve already participated - thanks so much!   

Upcoming Product Webinars

Here are the free Wild Apricot product webinars available in March, with live Apricot Q&A.

Getting Started With Your Wild Apricot Account 

Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot 

Setting Up Your Wild Apricot Website

Managing Your Finances in Wild Apricot

Membership Knowledge Hub

Here’s the newest resource in the Hub:
  • Time for New Event Management Software? First Try Optimizing Existing Tech 

    Are the many event technology choices sending you running for cover?  This article suggests that before you get overwhelmed, identify the event trends that make sense for your organization and look at your existing technology tools to see if they are being used to their optimum capacity. 

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