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Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey

As a follow-up to our Small Membership Insight Survey, we're conducting a new survey to help identify and share issues and concerns unique to large organizations with mulitple chapters or affiliates.

Through this online survey, we hope to identify key strengths, pains, and bottlenecks involved in a multi-chapter environment. We also want to establish benchmarks, and highlight some best practices in multi-chapter management.

The questionnaire is designed to provide insight on, for example:

  • data management and transmission between chapters and central organizations
  • information flow between chapters, central organizations, and members
  • whether chapter and central organization functions and services overlap
  • critical areas where chapters and the central organization need to collaborate

Who should participate?

We are looking for input from staff and/or volunteers at organizations with multiple chapters, branches, or affiliates, as well as representatives from the central (national or parent) organizations.

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Wild Apricot Software News

by Dmitry Buterin, CEO / Chief Apricot

The final stretch for Version 5.0 development

It's been very long in the making, but Version 5.0 is in the final stretch of development!

Check out our latest screenshots of 10 new features you'll find in Version 5.0, expected to release in late fall.

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Developing a Board Recruitment Process

Knowledge Hub

This article offers guidance on board recruitment, and an overview of a 4-step board recruitment process to help you get started.

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    As a follow-up to our discussion of Membership Dues and Don'ts, here's a look at free memberships.
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    Here are some thoughts on curating content for your members as part of a content strategy.

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