Wild Apricot Newsletter - April 2011

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Doggone Safe tries to break a world record with their non-profit event!


Doggone Safe International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge

Doggone Safe is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and victim support. From May 15 - 21, they're running the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge. With presenters across the world, they've even applied to be considered for a Guinness Record -- and they're using Wild Apricot to organize the whole thing! 


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Wild Apricot Software News
April 2011 
By Chief Apricot (Dmitry Buterin, CEO)

Chief Apricot - Dmitry Buterin, CEOVersion 4.2 is well on its way to being released around mid-May. This month, the Chief lets us in on the last behind-the-scenes updates before it goes live, shares screenshots of Version 4.3, and fills us in on some other
Wild Apricot news!

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The Wild Apricot Blog

A Thank-you Can Be Powerful

Did you know that thanking volunteers can increase their engagement? In this post we suggest that instead of holding a "thank-a-thon" once a year, you develop on-going volunteer recognition plans.


100 More Online Tools for Non-Profits (2-part series)

You’ll find a variety of tech tools in this 2-part round-up: something to fit every non-profit’s budget and a wide range of your practical day-to-day needs.



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