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November 2014

Software News November 2014: Version 5.2 Coming Soon!

by Steve Andrews (Picky Apricot)

Just in time for the holiday season, our product design and development teams have been busier than Santa’s elves trying to ensure that as many of our valued customers’ outstanding Wishlist wishes are granted in the Version 5.2 release.

This month’s Software News offers a preview of the Version 5.2 – coming soon! This release is all about addressing as many of the outstanding customer requests as possible – from built-in site searches, to social network logins, sortable membership levels, more exporting capabilities and much more. In addition to new features, we’ll be solving 40+ challenges identified by users via bug fixes. As always, we’re continually enhancing Wild Apricot to offer an easy-to-use, yet powerful membership management tool for our customers.

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New! Live Expert Webinar Series

Recruiting Members For Keeps: Generate a Lasting Impression

In this one-hour webinar, Patricia A. Hudson, MPsSc, President Melos Institute, will explain why recruiting new members is so much more than “selling” a membership. The way you recruit has a direct impact on the way new members participate…and whether or not they renew.

Drawing from decades of research from members across associations and generations, Trish will help participants discover how simple changes in the recruitment conversation can make all the difference.

Date: Thursday, December 11, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM EST

Register today! (space is limited)

Small Membership Advisory Community

We’ve continued our regular conference calls with small groups from our Small Membership Advisory Community. These are one-hour sessions where small groups of community members share ideas, information and tips with their peers on a specific topic of interest.

In November we looked at "Discussion Forums - How to Make them a Success?!"

Here are 3 things we learned:
  • Allow members to introduce themselves
  • Lay down some ground rules and have guidelines for how and what to post
  • Stock the conversation until you reach a critical mass - then the magic happens! 
We also put the question out to our community on Facebook. Here's what they had to say:   
“We also do best with a closed facebook group but keeping members engaged is time consuming.

Our LinkedIn Group is the best forum...but it is still hard and time consuming to generate any discussion. I find I have to facilitate the discussions; we haven’t reached the holy grail of members initiating discussions themselves.

"I have tried forums on a few different systems and they are generally pretty bad and sometimes turn into advertising opportunities for people who are not otherwise engaged. Facebook has worked out best so far, because they are already in a "social" mood when engaged on that site, and I have labeled it a space where they can share their wins and challenges, ask for resources and post their own events (within reason)."

What has your experience been like with forums? 
Join the conversation on facebook and/or our Advisory Community Forum.

The next Small Membership Advisory Community session is December 18th, 2pm on the topic of Social Media - How to get Started!
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In Case You Missed These

Here is a sample of the resources available in our Blog and Membership Knowledge Hub:

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This post offers an overview of the Mission-Driven Volunteering Webinar we held in November, as well as links to the full slide presentation and one-hour video for those of you who weren't able to attend.

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Live Q & A Product Webinars

Thursday, November 27th, 2014, 3:00 pm (EST) - Q & A with Kid Apricot
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 @ 3:00 pm (EST) - Q & A with 8-Bit Apricot
Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 @ 3:00 pm (EST) - Q & A with Kid Apricot

Pre-Recorded Webinars:

You can watch the pre-recorded sessions (or read the full transcripts) of all of our webinars at your convenience. Here’s a list and links:


Thank you for your awesome feedback!

Every month we receive hundreds of surveys from our clients. We read each and every one - and reply to comments. Here's a small selection of customer comments from our surveys last month.

"I think this is a great product for organizations because of all that can be done from it. It certainly eliminated several other programs we were using and combined them into one reasonable product. It is also fairly easy to use for a non-technical person like me."

"It is easy to use. I really like the copy event feature as it saves me time on events that happen monthly at the same location."

"I suggest Wild Apricot when the subject of web site hosting comes up."

"Wild Apricot works well for our club and keeping track of members information and allowing us to do things electronically instead of manually. We have been very pleased with a product that while "off the shelve" has a lot of flexibility in it and is easy to use. "

"I like the way the system keeps track of membership and the ability to download spreadsheets with the information. The automatic renewal reminders are also very helpful. The ability to send group emails with document and page links is also a plus."

"The member directory is brilliant--since it is always current as i manage member records"

"I really like the ability to see all information on each member / contact on one page."

"Hooking up to PayPal is so helpful for renewals. Love that members can update their own info and request password when they forget. Love the subscriptions to forums."

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