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August Update: What We're Doing About Bugs


By Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot


“Why does it take so long to fix bugs in your software?”


That’s a very common question we get here. For this month’s update, I thought I’d talk about how bugs get into our software, the process we go through to get rid of them, and what we’re doing to get faster at fixing them.


Click here to read about this process and the rest of this month’s update.



Create and Edit Events in our Mobile App


You can now create, edit, and delete events in our mobile app. We put together a short video tutorial to show you how.


Click here to watch the video and download our app.



Free Webinar: How The Best Nonprofits Resolve Internal Conflict Quickly and Get on with their Mission


Is your organization’s mission suffering because of internal conflict, office politics and interpersonal issues? You’re not alone. Many nonprofits experience the same thing, which is why we’ve invited Margaret Sumption, an expert in conflict resolution to join us for a free webinar on Sept 26.


Click here to sign up for the webinar.



This Month’s Blog Posts


Have you ever worried your organization could have some hidden legal risks? In one of this month’s blog posts we tackle three common legal traps nonprofits fall prey to and how to avoid them.


Click here to read all this month’s blog posts.




That’s all for this update. 


The Wild Apricot Team


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